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Low Protein Diet

Foods that are a good source of protein are
Meat This includes beef, pork, lamb, veal and chicken
Fish Fresh and tinned, and seafood: that is, prawns, lobster and oysters
Eggs, Milk and Milk Products: e.g. yogurt, buttermilk, cheese and ice cream

Less rich sources of protein are bread and cereals, vegetables and fruit.

Breads & Cereals Allowed: Bread, rolls, wafer biscuits, rice, porridge, cornflakes and weet bix
Avoid: Tinned spaghetti, other biscuits, muesli and cereals cooked with milk
Vegetables Allowed: Most except those to avoid
Fruit Allowed: Fresh, tinned or fruit juices
Avoid: Dried fruit
Meat Allowed: Beef, pork, veal, lamb, chicken, fish, tuna and salmon.
Substitution: 30g Meat = 1 egg

= 45g fish

= 30g cold meat

= 30g cheese

= 180 ml milk

= 50g cottage cheese

= 150g yogurt

Avoid: Meat in excess of amount specified.
Eggs Allowed: All types as an exchange for meat
Avoid: Eggs in excess of allowance
Milk Allowed: 180ml per day or equivalent. Use full cream milk 
180ml milk = 2 scoops ice cream

= 150g yogurt

= 30g cheese

Extra milk, cheese, yogurt or ice cream

Avoid: Margarine (ordinary and salt free) 
Fats Allowed: butter, cream, oils
Avoid: Nil
Soups Allowed: Broth or soup made using allowed ingredients
Avoid: Soups using milk, meat or dried beans
Spreads Allowed: Jam, jam (low joule), honey
Avoid: Vegemite, peanut butter
Desserts Allowed: Fresh and tinned fruit, fruit salad, low protein jelly, low protein desserts and cream
Avoid: Ordinary jelly, diabetic jelly, ice cream, ordinary milk desserts and yogurt
Condiments Allowed: Salt, pepper, lemon juice, vinegar, dressings, mayonnaise, sauces made with cream, gravy, tomato & herb sauce, chutney, pickles
Avoid: Sauce made with milk, tartare sauce
Beverages Allowed:  Water, tea, coffee with milk from allowance, fruit juice from fruit allowance, cordial, soft drink, soda and mineral waters
Avoid: Fruit juice, milk, milkshakes and flavoured milk
Miscellaneous Allowed: Sugar, plain lollies, Polycose
Avoid: Dried fruit, nuts, marshmallows


Daily milk allowance of 180ml

Note: Limit of 4 slices of bread per day on this protein restriction
Breakfast Tinned fruit

Porridge with 100ml milk & 50ml cream & sugar

1 egg

2 slices toast liberally spread with margarine or butter

honey or jam

Lunch or Dinner
30g meat or 45g fish

1 scoop mashed potato

2 serves vegetables with added margarine or butter

1 slice bread liberally spread with margarine or butter, honey or jam


1 sandwich

Fruit salad with Polycose and cream

Between Meals 1 wafer biscuit

tea, coffee, cordial or soft drink

Free Weekly Diet and Fitness Tips Newsletter
full of useful information, exercise tips, diet tips
and inspiration for us all, join today!
Click Here For Free Diet And Fitness Tips

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