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This diet is for people who for any reason cannot tolerate fat or fatty foods, or for those who want to cut down their fat intake.

On this diet; all types of fat are restricted. This includes butter, margarine, and oil, cream, fat on meats and food containing fat: e.g. full cream milk, cheese, eggs, etc.

Bread and Cereals Allowed: Bread (whole meal or white), rolls, porridge, semolina, plain muesli, weet bix, cornflakes, all bran, rice, tinned spaghetti and vita weet biscuits
Avoid: Toasted muesli, plain biscuits
Vegetables Allowed: Fresh and frozen vegetables cooked without fat, vegetables tinned in brine, water or juice, baked beans, salad vegetables
Avoid: Fried or roast vegetables, vegetables with added butter, margarine or oil, sauces made with cream, butter, margarine or oil
Fruit Allowed: Fresh, tinned, stewed fruit or juice
Avoid: Avocado
Meat Allowed: Beef, lamb, veal and pork trimmed of fat before cooking. Chicken and turkey (no skin). Fresh fish and tinned fish in water or brine. Cold meats trimmed of fat.
Avoid: Fatty meats, bacon, sausages and processed meats e.g. Fritz. Chicken and turkey with skin. Meats, chicken and fish that is fried.
Eggs Allowed: One egg per day can be used. Scrambled, poached or boiled
Avoid: Fried eggs, more than one egg per day
Milk Allowed: Skimmed milk can be used in any quantity. Cottage cheese and low fat yogurt (natural of fruit).
Avoid: Full cream milk, ordinary cheese, ice cream and full cream yogurt
Fats Allowed: Daily ? only 15g of butter of margarine or oil: that is, 1 portion packs of margarine or 2 portion packs of butter
Avoid: Cream, oil and extra butter or margarine
Soups Allowed: Broth, vegetable soup, ?cream? soup made with milk 
Avoid: Soups made with cream full cream milk or added margarine, butter or oil
Spreads Allowed: Jam, jam (low joule), honey, vegemite
Avoid: Peanut butter
Desserts Allowed: Fresh and tinned fruit, fruit salad, jelly, low fat yogurt, custard and milk puddings made with skimmed milk
Avoid: Pastry, pies, cream, full cream yogurt, ice cream and puddings made with full cream milk, cheese or cream
Condiments Allowed: Salt, pepper, vinegar, lemon juice, low calorie dressing, tomato sauce gravy, tomato and herb sauce and white sauce
Avoid: Tartare sauce, mayonnaise
Beverages Allowed: Water, tea, coffee with skimmed milk, skimmed milk, soda and mineral waters, cordial, soft drink and fruit juice
Avoid: Full cream milk, drinks made with full cream milk
Miscellaneous Allowed: Sugar, Polycose, artificial sweetener, plain lollies
Avoid: Chocolate, potato crisps, cream lollies


Tea or coffee with skimmed milk (with sugar) if desired

Breakfast: Fruit and/or fruit juice

Porridge or weet bix with skimmed milk

1 whole meal toast with scraping of margarine or butter

Jam or vegemite

Lunch: Small serve of lean meat, grilled fish or chicken with no skin

Potato or rice

Gravy or white sauce or tomato and herb sauce

Vegetables or side salad

Low fat yogurt and fruit

Dinner: Vegetable based soup


Dessert: Jelly with fruit salad

Free Weekly Diet and Fitness Tips Newsletter
full of useful information, exercise tips, diet tips
and inspiration for us all, join today!
Click Here For Free Diet And Fitness Tips

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